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Premium class skipping rope – The STORMspeedrope

Super light and fast skipping rope made of aircraft aluminium. Professionally designed handles enabled us to reduce their weight, improve the grasp and increase hand airing. The cable has two axes of rotation. The additional rotation is possible thanks to a system of brass sleeves that forms one element with the axis of the rope, preventing the cable from kinking and eliminating excessive space.

Handles are equipped with double bearings allowing to maintain appropriate stiffness and rotation speed of the axis. The set is stored in a carry case designed especially for the product, with special inside pockets protecting handles.



  • Diameter of handles 16mm

  • Length of handles 150mm

  • Weight of handle with double bearings 34gr

  • Length of cables 3,2m (can be adjusted to individual body height, up to 190cm)

  • Handles with double bearings

  • Ships with bare and coated cables

  • Made in Europe


The set consists of:


  • Designed carry case with a pocket for a hex key

  • 2 cables – 1,5 mm stainless steel bare cable designed for double unders and triple unders training

  • 3mm stainless steel coated cable designed for technique training

  • Hex key

  • Shrinking tube

  • Protective spring

  • 2 brass sleeves

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