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Hook Grip Protection & Perfection

The little brother/sister to our world-famous JAW Pullup Grips. People often focus so much on their palm calluses and blisters that they forget about their fingers. Well, JAW Finger Sleeves offer some much needed protection! In addition to offering total finger coverage, JAW Finger Sleeves also make hook-gripping significantly easier. Comfort, protection, and effectiveness? Yup. JAW loves you!

JAW Finger Sleeves are designed to fit snugly on your fingers, offering maximum protection and comfort while you work out. Worry no more about leaving your skin behind on hook grip heavy WODs (we're looking at you Isabel), as JAW Finger Sleeves eliminate friction with their incredibly soft, durable, hand-stitched fabric. Even if you already have rips or blisters, your fingers will remain completely protected. Sweat much while you exercise? No biggie. JAW Finger Sleeves do not harden from perspiration.

Why fabric over tape and leather? Tape is prone to rip easily, as it is not a sturdy material, and it requires constant replacements, while leather is often too thick, which causes discomfort, and has extremely limited flexibility. JAW Finger Sleeves, on the other hand, offer the perfect balance between comfort, protection, and effectiveness. Additionally, JAW Finger Sleeves have proven time and again to provide the best longevity of all competitors and knock-off brands, often lasting up to a year longer.

The success of JAW Finger Sleeves is not solely attributed to their usefulness with hook-gripping, since they also work phenomenally well with muscle ups, toes-to-bars, knees-to-elbows, kettlebells, dumbbells, and any general barbell or rig work.



Measure the circumference of the finger you want to cover and select from the available sizes.

S - 5 cm (Pink)

M - 6 cm (Black)

L - 7 cm (Green)

Note: There are no color options for this product. Each size is represented by a specific color.


Important Information:

  • You will get TWO sleeves with each order; one sleeve per hand.
  • You can and should combine the use of JAW Finger Sleeves with either JAW Pullup Grips or JAW Gloves.
  • The variety of sizes allow anyone to find proper fits for their thumb, pointer, middle, ring, and pinkie fingers.
  • The material is made of soft, stretchy fabric, so you can expect it to loosen a little over time.
  • Yes, you can wear JAW Finger Sleeves on all 10 fingers and, yes, you will look awesome!
  • Have issues holding a hook grip? Not anymore you don't!
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